A Guide to Mindful Holiday Saving

A Guide to Mindful Holiday Saving

The holiday season puts about a quarter of American families into debt each year, and while I always say your debt does not define you, the more you can plan ahead, the easier it will be to meet your financial goals and feel less stressed about money. So now is the time to get in the spirit of saving.

business woman facing an emergency

Expect the Unexpected: Protect Your Business with an Emergency Plan

As a young and vivacious business owner, a personal emergency that might take you out of your role for four weeks to six months or more is probably the last thing on your mind. But as a fellow business owner, CPA and financial coach, I’m here to remind you that the unexpected does happen. And yes, it could happen to you! Think about the impact it would have on your business if you went MIA for just a week with limited access to email, without warning. What would happen? How long would it take to dig yourself out? Stay ahead of an emergency or extended leave by having game plan. Learn more in this latest article!