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Can Personal Deductions Lower What Business Taxes You Owe?

Tax day is right around the corner… By now your business taxes should be completed. Congratulations! But, before you celebrate, we still have a bit more work to do on your individual taxes. As you’ll remember, if your business is an S corp, partnership, single-member LLC, or sole proprietorship, your business’ taxes “passed through” to you. This means we now have to deal with them on your individual taxes at your personal rate instead of your business rate.

IRS Business Tax Deductions: What’s “Ordinary” and “Necessary?”

Everyone loves taking deductions on their business taxes. Everyone, that is, except the IRS. In a perfect world, you could deduct anything under the sun and have to pay no taxes at all! The reality, though, is that some deductions are safer than others. The IRS is only somewhat helpful in determining what can be deducted and what cannot. On the one hand, it’s a good move to build flexibility into their system. Not every industry or business has the same needs, after all, so trying to force them all into the same cookie-cutter shape is a bad move right from the start.

Does my S Corp, Partnership, or Single Member LLC owe taxes? Nope!

If you are like many of our clients at Monarch CPA, you may feel anxiety at the thought of the big tax question: “How much money does my business owe?” When your business is an S corp, partnership, single-member LLC, or other similar “pass-through entity” we’ve got an easy answer for you! Unless you’ve elected to be taxed as a corporation, your business doesn’t owe any federal taxes!